Unlock audience engagement potential with Relevant Reach’s  insightful analysis, combining demographic insights and customized content delivery while ensuring audience privacy. Maximize campaign effectiveness through market understanding and on-the-go support, catering to diverse needs beyond marketing.

What is it?

Who can use Relevant Reach?

Why do I need Relevant Reach?

Boost your marketing

Understand your market

Deliver preferred content

On-the-go support



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Get Real-Time Survey Dashboard Insights

  • Identify shoppers vs. buyers
  • From demographics to shoe size
  • Timing email delivery and behavioral cues
  • Identify audience behaviors, interests, and habits
  • Leverage data for crafting content
  • Use for selecting audience demographics inside
    FB ads, LinkedIN, and more!
  • Unlimited possibilities!

You have the data.

 Now what else can you do?


Export your audience lists from your dashboard data instantly! 

SEND what they want

When they want it!

Write subject lines based on your
dashboard data!

iKon Technologies

What kind of open rates, and CTR’s should I expect to get with Relevant Reach?

Let the nuts we’ve gathered do the chattering!


What is the average email open rate? 17-28%


What is the average CTR (click-thru-rate)? 2.66%

How can I get my current or new audience to fill out my survey?

Examples of promotional survey materials our partners provided for
our customers!

ikon Technologies

What is the average survey completion rate?

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